CO2 Sensor and Data Storage

  • A friend and I created a device that would help track carbon emissions in industrial settings, as well as produce a warning when unsafe levels are detected.

    Shown on the left, the device consists mainly of an STM32 Microcontroller, a CO2 sensor, a buzzer, an LED, and an SD card reader. When in operation, the device did two things:

     1. Scan for dangerous levels.
     2. Store the CO2 levels detected to the SD card.

    When the device detects CO2 levels exceeding 30000ppm, the buzzer will sound and the LED will blink until the levels return to normal. As well, every second that the device is in operation, the CO2 levels detected are stored on an SD card. This can be used to track emissions, or to identify a possible ventilation problem.
  • Andrew Stekar


    University of Waterloo

  • Steven Guikal


    University of Waterloo