About Me

Hey, I'm Andrew, an undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I currently have interests in circuit design, firmware development, and power electronics, specifically motor control. Check out some of my projects below!

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  • Firmware Engineer - Boron Energy
    Vancouver, BCMay 2024 – Present
  • Electrical Team - Waterloo Formula Electric
    Waterloo, OntarioDec 2022 – Present
  • DSP Firmware Engineer - Infinera
    Ottawa, OntarioSep 2023 – Dec 2023
  • Electrical Systems Engineer - Stein Industries inc.
    London, OntarioJan 2023 – Apr 2023
  • Software Team Member - MedTechResolve
    Waterloo, OntarioSep 2022 – Apr 2023

UW Formula Electric

UW Formula Electric is a student-run design team at the University of Waterloo whose goal it is to build a fully electric F1 car. I am on the electrical team, responsible for maintaining and advancing our car's electrical architecture. This currently consists of 10 custom PCBs that work in tandem to let us drive fast while ensuring safety. Below are some of the larger projects that I have completed for the team.

UWFE Projects

Active Precharge PCB

Battery Management System Bringup & Validation

Battery Management Unit HIL PCB

Charge Cart Unit PCB

Shock Travel Sensor Driver

Other Projects

Connect 4 AI

A self-playing Connect 4 board that uses photo recognition, a minimax algorithm, and Arduino robotics to always beat you.

CO2 Sensor and Data Logger

A device that monitors CO2 levels in real time, producing an alarm when dangerous levels are detected. Levels are stored to an SD card every second while operating.

Self-Learning TicTacToe

This Tic Tac Toe game stores the events and outcomes of previous games, learning from them and eventually becoming perfect.