About Me

Hey, I'm Andrew, an undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I currently have interests in circuit design, firmware development, and power electronics, specifically motor control. Check out some of my projects below!

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  • Firmware Engineer - Boron Energy
    Vancouver, BCMay 2024 – Present
  • Electrical Team - Waterloo Formula Electric
    Waterloo, OntarioDec 2022 – Present
  • DSP Firmware Engineer - Infinera
    Ottawa, OntarioSep 2023 – Dec 2023
  • Electrical Systems Engineer - Stein Industries inc.
    London, OntarioJan 2023 – Apr 2023
  • Software Team Member - MedTechResolve
    Waterloo, OntarioSep 2022 – Apr 2023

UW Formula Electric

UW Formula Electric is a student-run design team at the University of Waterloo whose goal is to build a fully electric F1-style car. I am the current electrical lead, responsible for managing and enhancing our car's electrical architecture. Below are some of the projects that I have completed for the team.

UWFE Projects

Active Precharge PCB

Battery Management System Bringup & Validation

Battery Management Unit HIL PCB

Charge Cart Unit PCB

Shock Travel Sensor Driver

Other Projects

Connect 4 AI

A self-playing Connect 4 board that uses photo recognition, a minimax algorithm, and Arduino robotics to always beat you.

CO2 Sensor and Data Logger

A device that monitors CO2 levels in real time, producing an alarm when dangerous levels are detected. Levels are stored to an SD card every second while operating.

Self-Learning TicTacToe

This Tic Tac Toe game stores the events and outcomes of previous games, learning from them and eventually becoming perfect.